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A range of fitness and well being classes and workshops in Southbourne, and an online community for women anywhere in the world wanting to improve their health.

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Juggling children, work and life, wanting to be healthy, never having enough time to focus on myself.  That’s my story!

I’m Sarah, mum of two and a women’s health coach.  I’m finding my own way through this crazy life trying to fit everything in (never quite succeeding!) and my ethos is this; perfection is not what we need…and I want to share my passion for a simpler way to well-being with you!

So this is well-being that’s made for mums…I’ll help you find a way to prioritise YOU.  I’m a big fan of self-care, but this doesn’t need grand gestures.  And I love a quick ‘exercise snack’ to make things work…to find out more, drop me a message or join my Facebook group HERE to find out more about how I can help you.

Individual help

Maybe you’d be happier 1-to-1 rather than joining a group?

What can I help you with?

Need more energy and less lethargy?

No time for the gym or a class?

Nervous about starting exercise, or lacking confidence?

Can’t find childcare while you workout?

Struggling with hormonal symptoms?

Suffering with back pain, pelvic pain, pain in other joints?

Noticed some pelvic floor symptoms, leaking, pain, pressure, not feeling quite right?

Want to return to your previous love of sport or exercise since having children?

If any one of these resonate with you, I can help you!

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What women say about the sessions…

  • The classes as they are so relaxed, I feel really comfortable going with my baby and she tends to be super happy as she loves watching us and playing with other babies!
    It’s really nice to be able to go to a class safe in the knowledge that all the exercises are going to be safe postpartum, with a focus on posture, core muscles including pelvic floor. I come away feeling like me again!

  • I feel so much stronger and aware of my posture. It’s great for getting energy back after having a baby and one of the rare classes you can take baby to and have them close in a safe environment. Sarah tailors exercises well to each person...I’d highly recommend to any woman at whatever stage they are in their life.

  • I have done both 1:1 sessions and BeachClub for over 6 months, both are brilliant. Sarah is so knowledgeable and adaptable, making all exercises accessible but challenging and her specialist knowledge in women's fitness and postnatal recovery is exceptional. Her sessions are fun, friendly and you definitely feel it the next day!

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