Pay as you go fitness

Here to empower women to find movement that works for them.

Having trouble finding time for yourself to exercise?

Want to feel more confident in what your body can do?

Need an energy boost?

Feel good movement – made for women

My pay as you go classes are here to offer to flexibility…

They all fall into my Feel Good Movement pillar – all about helping your body to be strong, supple, and healthy.  Encouraging you to move in ways that you can sustain and enjy.

Mindful movement means that we really listen to our bodies, find movement that has a purpose and benefit – mentally, emotionally or physically.

About BeachClub SoBo:

BeachClub SoBo

Due to COVID-19 BeachClub has been amended to ensure safety of everyone, booking is essential

When: Sat 7.30-8.15am and 8.20-9.05am, Weds 6.30-7am and 7-7.30am, Fri 9.30-10.15am
Where: Fisherman’s Walk Zig-Zag Beach – bottom of zig-zag, past the cliff lift outside beach huts.

Weather: We run all year around, if there is light rain, we will meet at the cliff lift.  If there are high winds, or torrential rains, we may have to cancel – Sarah will advise.

Cost:£7 per session – block of 6 £38

What to bring:  I provide equipment, bands are available to purchase if you wish (bring your own if you have them).  Bring water and layers.

Strength training workouts made for women, with a beautiful view – strong and supple! Strengthen your body, aid weight loss, tone muscles. Busy life? Get up and out before the day begins.  Suitable for beginners.  If you have any injury, please let Sarah know before 1st session.
Great to supplement running or other sports training, to improve performance and prevent injury.

Candlelight Release

Sunrise event coming soon…

Permission to take time out for your body and mind.

A combination of releases aiming to free up tight joints and release the tension in tight muscles, giving you freedom to move how your body should, promoting optimal posture. Moving to a deep guided meditation giving your mind time to be present in the here and now.

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Is it for me? I've not exercised in...forever!

The class is suitable for all fitness levels, and as it consists of strength work, you can take it at your own pace within your own range.

If you have been exercising regularly, you’ll find the class a great supplement to help you strengthen your body.

If you have any injury or health condition, you should still be able to take part, as long as you have medical clearance, you can discuss this with Sarah.

I've had a baby - when can I start?

Once you have had your 6-week GP check and are 8 weeks post-birth (10 weeks c section).

What to bring and wear?

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing that you can move freely in

Bring a water bottle, a small towel and something warm for sessions involving relaxation/outdoors

BeachClub requires weather-suitable clothing.

If you have your own stretchy exercise bands, you can bring them.

Are the classes only for mums?

No, not at all! We have lots of women who don’t have children, plus dog mums, cat mums, new mums, and mums of grown up children –  a real mix of ages and stages.

Do the classes run all year?

Yes, we live in such a beautiful area that it would be such a shame not to make the most of this view all year round…trust me, I’m not a morning person but it really does make you feel great!

When you have booked, and before you attend the class, please fill in one of my online health questionnaires.

Please note: the form for those who have given birth asks some additional relevant questions.

sarah j bond womens fitness
  • I’ve gained an enjoyment of exercise - rather than it being something I always felt like I should do, I now look forward to…I always feel Sarah is able to give one-to-one personalised advice.
  • Sarah is a godsend.  She deeply understands women’s fitness and takes the time to get to know you, tailors the workouts to you and we all have a genuine laugh!
    Her knowledge is second to none and invaluable.  A breath of fresh air…Her sessions make you feel refreshed, motivated and happy!
  • I’ve been doing 1:1 sessions & BeachClub which are fantastic. Sarah is so knowledgeable on how to tailor an individual programme for my needs, is very patient and has given me useful nutritional advice & is fantastic at motivating me towards my goal.
  • I can't recommend Sarah's Pre-Natal classes enough. Sarah understands every birth is different as a mum herself and provides brilliant advice, always willing to answer questions. You’ll learn so much which will help you throughout pregnancy and labour. I look forward to every class and have met some other lovely mum's-to-be. I’ve also learnt some great exercises to help ease back pain and prepare my pelvic floor. Thank you Sarah for helping me feel more confident about the changes to my body. The best part being I always sleep amazing too!
  • I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough! I messaged her one day saying I was rather unfit & needed help, also carrying hip issues. She met with me 121 and had a chat with me about my needs, and I joined. Absolutely love her classes, my body is slowly getting stronger - enabling me to do more. Sarah is very aware of everyone’s individual needs, offering alternatives to each exercise. Onwards & upwards for me.
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