Strong to the Core Mini Course out now!!!

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Possibly the simplest way to help your pelvic floor, back and tummy..

I’ve created something pretty amazing here!

For women who are either too busy or not fussed about taking part in an exercise class – but ARE still bothered by their core.  How they look and how they function.  I’ve created a simple 21-day plan which is guaranteed to improve your wellbeing.  The course is packed full of advice, education, tips and importantly – easily actionable steps for you to follow.

The course is for you if:

  • You recently had a baby and want to reconnect with your body, or
  • You want more energy, more wellness, more love for your body, or
  • You’ve had enough of pelvic floor troubles; leaking, pain, prolapse, or
  • You want more freedom to move rather than worrying about back ache, or
  • You have tummy gap and would love to learn how to help this, or
  • You want to feel amazing heading towards, or coming out the other side of menopause, or
  • You want to feel more connected, more confident and more in tune with your body

The course is packed full of goodies:

  • An educational EBook on all things women’s health
  • A comprehensive food guide PLUS 4 tasty, nutritious recipes
  • Videos helping you understand how to get in tune with your core
  • A 21-day plan with movement, food and lifestyle actions, PLUS support to help you succeed
  • A short and simple exercise plan

All of this is yours – FOREVER!

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Or if you would prefer to join the weekly class, Strong to the Core Virtual is NOW just £45 for 6 weeks starting Tues 19th May BOOK NOW

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