Survive and thrive – Party season, mince pies mountains, endless TV…and no ‘normal’ routine.

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Are you worried about your wellness routine going out the window as Christmas fast approaches?

Here’s my top tips to enjoy the season and to wake up in January without feeling down.

  1. Get outside; getting some fresh air and being surrounded by nature will really help you to feel positive, and calm your mind when your routine is out the window. Even a 10 minute post-dinner walk around the block helps, and you can enjoy the Christmas lights long the way!
  2. Enjoy festive food; eat slowly & savour the tastes.  Try not to feel guilty about food you’ve eaten, and listen to your body – your tummy not your brain – if it’s telling you it’s full or hungry.  (oh, and find every opportunity to eat a vegetable, your digestion will thank you – I can highly recommend grabbing a bag of spinach that can accompany eggs for brekkie, a side to lunch buffets, or can be added with some fruit to a smoothie for a quick replen).
  3. Keep up some regular daily movement – it doesn’t have to be big or take long (check out the Fitmas Advent for some ideas). When the healthy eating plans go out the window, knowing that you’ve got a quick 5 minutes of movement in the bag really boosts your mood, and stops you feeling helpless when the New Year comes around and you have eaten your body weight in mince pies.
  4. Stay hydrated – ‘tis the season… when alcohol and sugary drinks are everywhere. Getting plenty of water throughout the day by making every other drink a glass of water, helps you avoid brain fog, clogged digestion, and means you’re flushing out the toxins easily enough.
  5. Aim for some REALLY early nights over the week or two (or three!) of festivities. Sleep lets your body heal, fuels you for those longer, busier, more stressful days, and there is no better feeling than waking at this time of year knowing you’ve had a full 8+ hours!

There’s no rocket science here, but having balance in life means enjoying happiness that feeds our emotional well being AND being mindful of things that support our physical well being.

I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

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