Top tips for a healthy pelvic floor

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Fed up of the bothersome pelvic floor symptoms?

Whether its leaking when you laugh, run or cough, or feeling the sudden urge that you cannot control, there are lots of things you can do to help.

First of all knowing how to locate and connect with these muscles is important – many women cannot do the traditional Kegel exercise.
Try this – sit up straight with knees shoulder width apart, feet flat.  Take a long slow breath in, and as you exhale imagine you are blowing out (a lot of) candles.  As you do this, imagine your tail bone moving towards your pubic bone and that your saddle area lifts off the chair.
A good tip is to imagine you are scooping up a blueberry from the ground with your pelvic floor – let go on the in breath.  This takes practice!

Digestion – a key way to improve your pelvic floor control.  A better transit of food through your gut means less downward pressure when emptying bowels.  Your body gets rid of waste products efficiently without them hanging around being reabsorbed.  Your body gets more of what it needs to help soft tissue heal and grow (the pelvic floor is a set of muscles).  And you have more energy for daily movement.

HOW: better hydration, a foot stool when emptying bowels, a nice tummy massage and a gradual increase in fibre with every meal should help.

Stress: If you are constantly in a state of stress, your body holds on to tension, and this can create weird breathing mechanics, weird postures, and tight muscles – and as our body is intricately connected through a system of fascia, it doesn’t matter where you feel the tension or pain, it will transpire down or up to your pelvic floor.  If you are spinning lots of plates, or holding on to day to day stresses, your body feels this.

HOW:  Improve sleep habits.  Practice mindfulness each day.  Get out in nature.  Write a gratitude journal.  Daily deep breathing practice.

Daily Movement:  Muscles love movement.  So making sure that you keep yourself active and moving in lots of different ways will help these muscles strengthen, lengthen and get supporting muscles working too.  If you sit in one position for much of the day – take regular breaks to move.  The more active you are, the more these muscles are nourished – be careful with high impact, as this stresses the muscles – gradually build up to this.

HOW: Walking (particularly hill walking).  Strength training – squats, lunges and hip hinges.  Yoga flow.  Low-impact home-circuit.

There are many more tools you can put in your tool kit to help support a healthy pelvic floor – ask me for more info or visit my Facebook group

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