Top tips for staying physically active and mentally calm in social lock down

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How are you feeling about lockdown?  Gyms closing, classes cancelled, school children home – but time with family WITHOUT needing to be anywhere on time!

For many of us the change of how we manage our personal and professional lives can leave us feeling anxious or claustrophobic, add fear of how COVID-19 could effect us and loved ones, and the vast amount of information we are trying to process to make sense of it all and we have challenging times.

But we should remember that this will pass, the lock down will serve its purpose and relieve the pressure, and (maybe a new) normal will resume. We just need to do our bit now to ensure this is sooner rather than later.

Here are some top tips to help you feel calm and stay active during lockdown:

?Brisk walk – if you are still able/safe to – get out of the house once a day for a brisk walk – make the most of this time to get your heart rate up and take in the vitamin D (while it’s here). Try to use this time to give yourself head space too.

?Home workout/stretch – remember that high intensity exercise may not be what you need right now, everybody will need something different – maybe you need rest and to stretch, maybe you need Tabata – but rest assured there is something for everyone. Try to keep or create a routine for home exercise so that you stay accountable – even if it is your stretch/release time.  Click here for a free quick as easy home workout with the password: Mumology

?Video calls – Facetime, Whatsapp video calls, Zoom – amazing ways to stay connected. Human connection is hugely important, especially in times when we feel anxious. Use this time to get in touch with your loved ones regularly and who knows – maybe you’ll carry on after lockdown.

?Limit media intake – it’s easy to leave the news on in the background or to constantly check social media to see whats going on when you are out of routine of home more, but this can be damaging to our mental health when we are seeing panic and negativity continuously through the stream. Be mindful of how the media is making you feel. Try to limit news media and social media to a set time each day, and if it still makes you feel sad, reduce it further.

?Breathe mindfully – this is one of the simplest but most researched methods of inducing calm. Try to practice daily, even if only 5 minutes, and try to lengthen your exhale. Don’t worry about emptying your mind, and don’t worry if you feel unsettled, breathing practice is exactly that – practice. Be comfortable but alert – actually think about your breath.

Stay well, look after yourselves, and each other x

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