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Come & find out how you can make ‘being healthy’ a piece of cake!! 

The Members Club

Imagine how great it’d feel if you could work towards ALL of your health and wellness goals…from the comfort of your own home, alongside a tribe of like-minded women!!

With LIVE weekly workouts from HIIT, Yoga and Strength Training, as well as specialist core and pelvic floor training, and regular coaching and support on mindset – The Members Club will help you find what fits into your life long-term.

Is it time to make your health more of a priority than afterthought?

I can help you feel energised, strong and able to move with ease – in a way that totally fits motherhood!

I’d love you to join us…this wellness membership is one of a kind!
We’ve got you covered 360 degrees on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, mindset and emotional well-being.

Weekly LIVE workouts keep you motivated alongside regular coaching sessions.

This is the most holistic site for mums.

All of this for just £20/month!!!!

I know you’d LOVE to
…feel more VITALITY in your life!

…find movement that FEELS GOOD for your body AND that you enjoy

…feel CONFIDENT in your body

…find exercise that FITS around your busy life


…have the MOTIVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY to support you in our goals.

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Feel Good Movement

Listen to your body, find what you ENJOY.  Movement that feels good, has a purpose and that you look forward to – because then you’ll keep going back for more.

Masterclasses, a pre-recorded library and LIVE workouts to suit your mood, your body and your goal, from HIIT to Yoga to Core training.

Fun, women’s specific & corrective exercise – so that it’s really GOOD for you!

Bitesized chunks – life is full of interruptions, so shorter workouts that you can stack if you want.


Inspired Nourishment

Ditch the complicated diets, and learn to fuel your body – by tuning in to YOU!

We’ve got simple nutritious foods that boost health, we’ll encourage you to learn what works for you and understand that no food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Remove the guilt, learn to enjoy, and figure out the tweaks that you need to make you feel good.

You don’t have to live by someone else’s rules – you’re in charge.

You’ll get our exclusive Inspired Nourishment guide – with foods and recipes that show you how to BOOST ENERGY as well as support hormones, heart and brain.


Finding Calm Space

Motherhood’s a juggle, right?  With list upon list – often our own needs go to the bottom of the pile.  We know stress isn’t good for us, but how do we stop and take stock of our stress levels?

Stress really zaps our energy and our mood.  We can’t make it vanish, but we can learn simple tools to manage it.

Zen is individual to each of us.  Each month, we’ll have a self-care focus plus stretch and meditation techniques.

You’ll find out exclusive Live Candelight Release workshops here too.



Everybody has their own Wellness Vision.  Understanding what’s important to YOU is empowering.

This isn’t just motivation, but truly understanding your motivation, and feeling confident in what you can do.

Imagine feeling in charge of your health.  Believing in yourself and having the tools to overcome hurdles and feel stronger than ever?

With group challenges, live workouts, accountability calls AND opportunity to share your challenges & success in the tribe.


Here’s what’s inside…

When you join, you’ll get:

  • A 7-day boost plan to help you get started and try out some of what we’ve got!
  • A library of short & sweet workouts and delish recipes to try!
  • The Mumology Guide to Well-being and Guide to Nourishment EBooks
  • SPECIAL **BONUS** A recorded 121 coaching call with me – to help me get to know you, you’ll walk away with 3 personal actions to get you started
  • Discounts on 121 training and Strong to the Core course

Each month, you’ll also get:

  • A special Guest Expert or Masterclass with BIG gems to give you the boost you need
  • A self-care theme to help you get that ‘ZEN’ time you need
  • A food focus to help nourish you in simpler, broken down steps
  • A lifestyle challenge to stretch you out of your comfort zone, just a teeny bit, to keep you moving forwards
  • SPECIAL **BONUS** LIVE group coaching call with me, Sarah, Mumology Movement Founder – to help you dig deep into your own WELLNESS VISION and stay ACCOUNTABLE & MOTIVATED
  • Mid-month accountability check-in

Each week, you’ll have access to

  • A weekly live workout that’s easy to fit in**
  • A library of HIIT, strength, core, yoga and Pilates style video workouts. There’s something for every experience, mood and energy levels
  • All workouts are made to fit around motherhood & busy lives – between 10-25 minutes, so you can easily fit them in or stack them together when you have more time
  • NEW FEATURE Friday Chill – a scrumptious body & mind RELAXATION session
  • NEW FEATURE Monday Mindset – a little nugget to get you thinking  about you
  • An amazing tribe of women to share your journey, successes, struggles and excitement with.  A space to shout from the rooftops as you make your well-being a priority, not an afterthought!

**Lives may be replaced by pre-recorded workouts for 2-6 weeks per year, but will also occur multiple times per week regularly

All for just £20 per calendar month!

Why Mumology Movement?

This really is more than just a fitness membership – this is the place where you learn, grow and become the master of your own well-being.

I’m here to help you learn your WHY, your values and dig deeper with your GOALS, as well as to focus on you as a whole person from the inside out.

My passion is in helping you feel good, and be healthy in whatever way is right for you – bringing back the joy of movement.  I believe what’s important is how we can sustain a healthy lifestyle rather than quick fixes that don’t work.  I want you to feel more connected with your body and the ways that you can support your own health.  It’s about you setting the boundaries that you want to live by – I want YOU to be the reason you’re here.


What if I miss a LIVE workout?

Don’t worry, all LIVE workouts will be recorded and added to the library for you to complete at your leisure.

What if I don't want the membership anymore?

If you find it’s not for you, no problem – no annoying contract so you can cancel any time NO HASSLE.

Do I have to complete everything, every month?

Absolutely not, you pick and choose what suits you.  Everyone will have individual needs and goals and the beauty of this membership is you can pick and choose how much you get involved in.

You get out what you put in – you’re in control.

Do you offer a refund?

I know you’re gonna love it here, but – if for any reason, it just doesn’t meet your expectations in the first 30 days of joining, I promise a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE,

Refunds after this time won’t be issued.

How do I access my membership content?

You’ll receive a log in to our membership site where you’ll find your workout video library, plus your home page telling you what’s going on this month and all the other membership goodies.

We’ll have a private Facebook group for our tribe, and i’ll be in here daily to help and support you.

LIVE workouts will be in Zoom or the Facebook group – you’ll know in advance and have the links.

I know you don’t need just another fitness video.  You really care about your health but want more than just instruction.  You need to feel empowered and motivated with each step you take, you want to feel that your health matters – this is the personal touch!

I know as we reach different phases of our lives, our needs change too.  I’ll support you in managing stress, finding lifestyle habits that help you and show you food ideas that boost your health. I’ll BE THERE for you every step of the way.

Striving for perfection in all of these areas can feel so challenging – and that’s why I’m saying – we don’t NEED to!  We can take baby steps, we might hit hurdles, we don’t have to LIKE every aspect of ‘being fit’ – we can have all of this and STILL be moving forwards with a smile on our face.

My vision is to have an amazing community of women just like YOU sharing a common goal to live a life full of ZEST –  in the realms of reality – we’re all in this together!

Sign up TODAY for just £20 pcm –

kickstart your wellness vision TODAY!!

*no fixed term contract

family at pont d'arc

I’m a mum of two little ones, juggling motherhood, a business and my own well-being.  Just like you, I’m figuring it out as I go along.

I spent almost 20 years in the fitness industry, half of those with the top training provider delivering industry qualifications.  I’ve got a degree in Sports Therapy which brings extra special knowledge of injuries and corrective exercise.  And I’ve done a ton of specialist training in women’s health, pelvic health and advanced postnatal wellness.

I’ve worked with countless women in my local area and all over Europe, to help them feel more confident in their bodies and lives.  My passion is helping mums to feel strong and more confident, no matter what they’re juggling.

I love spending time with my family, at our local beach and travelling the world…oh, and I am a total chocaholic!

woman smiling
  • I’ve gained an enjoyment of exercise - rather than it being something I always felt like I should do, I now look forward to…I always feel Sarah is able to give one-to-one personalised advice.
  • Sarah is a godsend.  She deeply understands women’s fitness and takes the time to get to know you, tailors the workouts to you and we all have a genuine laugh!
    Her knowledge is second to none and invaluable.  A breath of fresh air…Her sessions make you feel refreshed, motivated and happy!
  • I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough! I messaged her one day saying I was rather unfit & needed help, also carrying hip issues. She met with me 121 and had a chat with me about my needs, and I joined. Absolutely love her classes, my body is slowly getting stronger - enabling me to do more. Sarah is very aware of everyone’s individual needs, offering alternatives to each exercise. Onwards & upwards for me.
  • Sarah is fabulous. She is extremely knowledgeable and clearly really enjoys her job and helping women get the best out of their daily lives. I joined the Members Club a few months ago and I love it. Sarah’s ability to help bring exercise and a healthy way of living back into my life in 2020 has been wonderful.
  • I am loving The Members Club and can thoroughly recommend it. There is something for everyone. Sarah takes a holistic view supporting our wellbeing as much as our exercise levels. The lives are varied both in times and content. There is a growing library so loads to choose from. It has really encouraged me to try bite size videos of bits I am not so good at. Sarah has a true enthusiasm and passion which is catching and caring.
  • The Members Club is brilliant. I love the challenges Sarah sets us in a friendly, fun way. It gets me exercising without worrying about it being formal. All live workouts are recorded so if you can't make them they are available to replay. The bank of exercises include something for everyone, and, even better, they are bite sized to fit in with a busy day.
    Sarah has been able to support my return to running after having my second baby and make sure I am strong enough to cope.
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