Postnatal class or a normal fitness class…Does it matter?

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Does it matter –  well, it depends what ‘matters’ to you.  Some women go back to normal classes and have no ill-effects,…but I also speak to many women who have jumped back into their old fitness regime after giving birth and found themselves in some discomfort, or worse.

I often get asked why choose a MumFit class once your passed that initial postnatal (12-15 wk??!) period?  Well my 1st answer is usually, once postnatal, always postnatal, right?!  Changes have happened in our body, and it is always a good idea to address these, even if you feel fine.  Prevention is always better than cure.  That doesn’t mean I’m against returning to a ‘normal’ class.  This can be a great way of women finding their identity to help feel themselves after all the change.

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But there are so many other reasons.  Why not choose a class that has been so deeply planned and aimed at your needs?  Because during pregnancy, labour, delivery and those initial postnatal days, certain things happen to our bodies.  And once we pass those early postnatal days, those things can remain and linger.  Maybe your pelvic floor feels less reliable, maybe your back or pelvis is a bit achy, maybe you feel a bit weaker, have less energy, or your tummy pokes out in a way that reminds you of early pregnancy.  Maybe you just feel different.  And that’s OK.  Postnatal class is a place where this is all accepted and acknowledged.   A lovely place for healing and building strength in our body & mind.

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Meeting other mums.  Working on correctly healing your core.  Training for strength that you need in motherhood – however old your child is.   Working in a way that’s safe for symptoms you experience.  Taking part in a session that addresses all of your needs.  Stretching shoulders, strengthening Glutes, calming minds, down training all the tension, up training deep core.  This is all done with a little dose of education and the promotion of self-care during the FitMums programme.

All being said, we still work up a sweat…

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