FREE Guide: Improve your Pelvic Floor in 3 simple steps

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Get your FREE guide showing your exactly how you can improve your pelvic floor in 3 easy steps.  Including video and image content to help you understand what to do.

By completing this daily, you should notice a difference in just two weeks.

For anyone experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction; incontinence (leaking when you cough, sneeze, run, jump, or  not making it in time when you realise you need a wee), or maybe things don’t feel the same since having a baby, or you’ve reached Menopause and noticed that your pelvic floor feels weaker.  All of these symptoms are more than bothersome, and have a huge impact on your self-confidence and your life, making you feel restricted in certain activities or uncomfortable doing the things you enjoy.

But the good news is you don’t need to live with them, getting help from someone who is trained in Women’s Health means that you can improve these symptoms.

This programme will kick start your recovery.

Simply enter your name and email HERE, with the subject Pelvic Floor, and you’ll receive your free guide straight to your email inbox.

Let’s get started!

If you’re in Bournemouth and surrounding areas, I’m available to discuss 121 also.

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