Women’s Fitness at the Beach this spring! When you live in Bournemouth, you gotta make the most of it…

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Women are physiologically different to men, and so exercising in a way that’s made for women has some huge benefits.  You should feel strong, and as though you are able to keep the technique of the exercise the whole way through.  So even though it challenges you, it’s not out of your range.  You shouldn’t feel like you’ve taken a beating, but feel exhilarated to have done exercise that feels so good.

With three great sessions here on the beautiful Southbourne beach, come and join the club.

BeachClub has been running since April last year, as a small group of women of all ages & abilities – we’ve endured the cold winter, and now we’re ready to feel the warmer (and lighter) mornings with an extra session added for February.

Sat 7.30am and Weds 11am (little ones welcome Weds).

£24 block of 4 – just £6 per session (or £8 for one session)

Fishermans Walk Beach, Southbourne, Bournemouth BOOK HERE

BRAND NEW is 6-week SuperFit.  If you’ve decided now’s the time to get fit, then this course will help make it happen!!

What is 6-wk SuperFit?

??Do I need to be SuperFit to take part?
??Am I suitable?
??What will I get out of taking part?
??What’s different about SuperFit?

Here’s the answers – a couple of spaces left, let me know if you’d like one!

This Spring I’m running a bespoke women’s fitness course (on the beach of course, where else?!) for women of any ability to improve their fitness.

The beach session will involve a technique known as Tabata, named after the Japanese doctor who first researched it.

The basis is that you work harder for a shorter period of time than normal – actually over 4 minute intervals, and that this improves fitness levels, and keeps burning the calories long after the workout finishes (up to 12hrs!). So for a health kickstart, weight loss support, or fitness goal – this method gets your results!!!

We work hard, our body then recovers and rebuilds and whilst it’s doing this, we carry on burning fuel.

I’ve created this programme for women, all to aware after a back injury last year that many HIT classes are pretty generic and may not allow you to continue with a strong technique (that avoids injury). And I’ve added in some lovely yoga releases, Pilates work and breath work – so you get the benefit on HIT without the side effect of injury risk!!

It doesn’t matter what your starting point – everyone works to their own levels so if you’ve not exercised for years or are a regular, you still get the results! You do need to be injury free (or have exercised with me so that I’m aware of any restrictions).

What are you waiting for?

Here’s a lovely intro to Tabata, if you’re medically safe to do you can give it a go at home!! (Of course it’s more fun with a group and I’ll be there to support every single woman)?


Small group sessions so you’ll feel supported and at ease throughout.

Starts Sun 17th Feb at 4pm Fishermans Walks Beach

£40 – or combine with BeachClub and pay £36  BOOK HERE

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